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5th Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Network

The 5th Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Network took place in the Ecograd Hotel Convention Hall of the city of Suncheon (Republic of Korea) last September 26th. 40 representatives of 20 cities attended the meeting.

13-05-2014    Meetings

Within the framework of the Meeting, cities exchanged experiences of social inclusion in a poster space so as to advance on its preparation for the 13th International Congress of Educating Cities.

Moreover, It was proceed to the renewal of the Network’s Steering Committee (Changwon, Gunsan and Suseong and as well as the approval of the networks’ projects for 2014. Besides, there was a keynote speech given by the IAEC General Secretary and a presentation on the 13th Congress of Educating Cities.

Finally, Suncheon prepared a study visit to the experience of the Suncheon Cultural Health Center.