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10th IAEC Asia-Pacific Regional Network Meeting

The Asia-Pacific network meets on 6-7 October in Andong with the theme "Directions of lifelong learning in the post-COVID-19 era"

13-10-2021    Meetings

The world has changed in many ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this unprecedented situation, we are all getting used to new communication channels, new types of business, and new educational methods.

Lifelong learning education is not an exception and the pandemic has also brought changes in this field in terms of methodology, contents, and platforms.

The 10th Asia-Pacific Regional Network Meeting aims to promote  exchanges and discussions on the directions of lifelong learning to prepare for the post-COVID-19 era.

For this reason, the City of Andong offers IAEC members in the AP region to opportunity to take part in the following event:

6 October, from 14:20h (local time) onwards:

  • Opening Ceremony
    Welcome by Mayor of Changwon, Mayor of Andong and Congratulatory messages by the IAEC General Secretary, Governor of North Gyeongsang Province and the President of Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities
  • Commemorative ceremony for the new member cities of IAEC
  • Keynote Speech:  Networking Strategies for Recovery of Cities and Learning in the Post-COVID 19 Era, by Hee Soo Lee (Professor of the Department of Education at Chung ang Univ.)
  • Mayors’ Roundtable Discussion: Opinion proposals for equality in education by city
  • MOU Signing Ceremony
  • Presentation of experiences:
    • A Whole-City Approach to Education for Sustainable Development |  Okayama (Japan)
    • Lifelong Learning Governance in Jincheon (Korea)
    • Senior Knowledge Project | Buenos Aires (Argentina)

7 October, from 10h (local time) onwards:

  • Plenary Lecture: Lifelong Learning for the MZ generation (people in their 20s and 30s), by Dae Jung Kang (President of National Institute for Lifelong Education)
  • Presentation of experiences:
    • Growing with citizens, a lifelong learning city | Gunsan (Korea)
    • Beyond ‘Untact(Non-Contact)’, Toward ‘Local-Tact’ and Expansion of roles of Village Lifelong Education Leader | Gumi
  • General discussion
  • Closing Ceremony