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Deputy Mayor Ms. Ritva Viljanen

The City of Helsinki finds that the continuous learning and know-how of its citizens is an essential success factor. Learning takes place at day-care centres, schools, city events and museums, as well as at hobbies and in meetings between citizens in public street spaces. The concept of broad­ based learning helps the city management and the employees to better comprehend the meaning of the citizens’ own activity and know-how. The joy of learning empowers the citizens. Thus, the City invites its citizens to take part in the discussion on the city’s operations, to present critical comments and bring ideas and propositions on how the city can be developed and made an even better place.

The City of Helsinki holds in high regard that Educating Cities keeps promoting the theme of broad-based learning and enrichens it with international examples. Helsinki wants to continue as an active member of the organisation.

lt is my pleasure to act on behalf of the City to express our respectful gratitude and thanks to the organisation and wish it great success.

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