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Mayor Mr. Martin Haese

Education is vitally important to the future of the City of Adelaide and our education and knowledge sectors are more important than ever as we embark on our journey to becoming one of the world’s first Carbon Neutral cities.

Education is not only important for strengthening the social fabric of our multicultural society; it is also the very foundations of our growing innovation and entrepreneurship sectors.

The City of Adelaide is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost education cities, with three leading local universities and several international universities having established branches in the city. More than 30,000 international students from right across the globe choose Adelaide for their tertiary studies each year.

Education is not just limited to the classroom. The City of Adelaide creates opportunities to learn and discover through nature play spaces, activity hubs and education trails that engage using public art and interpretive installations.

Our public libraries and community centres also play a vitally important role in lifelong learning, social inclusion, and the development and growth of our society.

We provide a multitude of service to meet the many interests and learning styles of our diverse community, a rich tapestry of people from all walks of life, cultures and ages.

Facilitating experimental learning, challenging conventional thinking, and providing quality collections lends our community to stronger self-expression, creativity and discovery.

In our libraries, people experience art, music and culture through exhibitions such as South Australian Living Artists festival, the Golden Rule inter-faith exhibition and workshops with our musicians and poets in resident.

Digital literacy education is celebrated in our digital spaces through technology, devices, robotics and 3D printing.

The community comes together to listen and discuss ideas at events such as the recent Festival of Dangerous Ideas streamed live at the City Library from the Sydney Opera House.

Reading and writing opportunities are celebrated through the library’s collections, Virtual Library and programs.

The Adelaide City Library is also recognised by the Children’s University as an official ‘Learning Destination’.

Our Community centres run programs from English Language Conversation to Life Drawing classes, creating opportunities for people to connect and learn.

Education services provided by the City of Adelaide play an important role in building a strong and cohesive community through lifelong learning, as well as strengthening our city’s industries ability to compete in the global economy.

On the 25th Anniversary of the Charter, the City of Adelaide reinforces its commitment to developing education and learning opportunities for all people in our community.

Photo: Bahudhara (Wikipedia)

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