In order to raise worldwide awareness of the importance of education in the city and make visible the commitment of local governments to education, as well as the work that educational agents, be they in formal or non-formal education, carry out. Through this, the idea is to acknowledge and make known their work so that new cities, citizen organizations, experts and representatives of civil society and the private sector can also commit themselves to building better cities through education.

Through this global event, the IAEC also wants to contribute to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was drafted after an unprecedented dialogue amongst the member states of the United Nations, local governments, civil society, the private sector and other agents, lending special support to cities (Sustainable Development Goal 11) and to inclusive and quality education for all and throughout life (SDG 4).

That is why the Executive Committee and the Secretariat of the IAEC is inviting member cities to pledge and renew their commitment to the Charter of Educating Cities by organizing a program of activities for the International Day of the Educating City.

Why do we celebrate it on 30 November?

We propose concentrating the activities on that date in order to commemorate 30 November 1990 as the day on which the Charter of Educating Cities was proclaimed in Barcelona. By concentrating the activities of all the cities on one day we are also attempting to emphasize the global character of the celebration.


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