Opposite Matching Game about the Educating City

Card game open to anyone (aged from 6 to 99). It addresses certain values and actions linked to the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities. The main goal is to encourage reflection on which measures and actions we could undertake individually and collectively to enhance quality of life and foster harmonious living together in the city.

The game contains 32 cards and a set of rules, that describe each card and include some questions to stimulate discussion. Paint and colour version also available.


  • Cards: we suggest printing in DIN-A4 or DIN-A3 size with grammage over 80gr.
  • Rules: DIN-A3

Additional information:

  • Number of players: 2-6 people
  • Design and ©: IAEC
  • Ilustrator: Evelt Yanait

Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,Catalan and Valencian.

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