Origami ‘I Commit To’

In order to stress the importance of the participation of the citizenry and civil society organisations in the co-construction of the Educating City, we suggest launching a campaign inviting people to commit themselves to carrying out a small action in their daily lives for the good of their community.

We offer an origami that can be used during the celebration events, including 8 actions that children can undertake in order to take good care of our cities and to contribute to enhance the values of living together. In a playful way, the material ignites reflection on substantial issues that reinforce the citizen commitment of children towards the Educating City and can be used either at school, at home or within leisure activities facilities.


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¡Guadalupe 🇲🇽 se suma a Ciudades Educadoras!
Con el propósito de consolidar acciones sustantivas, sustentables e integrales a problemáticas comunes, se suma a las Ciudades Educadoras de América Latina.


Creix la nova xarxa d'espais familiars de criança municipals. Educar les criatures és una tasca tan important que calen més suports públics diversos per fer comunitat amb la petita infància al centre!


Aquesta tarda tenim una cita 🥰
Us esperem al Cèntric per escoltar a Begoña Roman i reflexionar plegades sobre educació.
L'acte es podrà seguir també en directe des del @elprat_tv #ElPrateduca #LliçoPrat

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