‘Improving the City by Listening’, slogan of the 2019 edition

The Charter of Educating Cities advocates a model of a city that goes beyond traditional functions related to the mere provision of services (economic, social or resource management) and proposes solutions to the global challenges of our times found at a local level.

These challenges cannot be addressed with unilateral and simple solutions, as they call for spaces that accept contradiction and suggest processes of knowledge, dialogue and engagement as the best way forward of living and coping with uncertainty.

Therefore, listening to the city is a two-way dialogue that must feature local governments and social stakeholders of the city alike (community organisations, private sector, public authorities, citizens, etc.) in a constant, participatory and inclusive conversation. This conversation strengthens community bonds, bolsters the sense of belonging and guarantees that all parties actively contribute to the coconstruction of the Educating City, according to their respective responsibilities.

Based on this slogan, cities celebrating the International Day are encouraged to think about events or activities that highlight this commitment to listening to the city, incorporating diverse voices and opening up spaces for democratic and participatory construction.

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