© Benh LIEU SONG Located in the south western of Europe, Toulouse is with 453,000 inhabitants the fourth most populous city in France, and occupies an area of ​​118 km2. The city brings together many leading industries in the fields of aeronautics and computer science and has several research centres. It is also a student city with over 90,000 students.

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Toulouse Eco-Citizen Label

The objective of this project is to make children aware of sustainable development and to promote “eco-citizen” attitudes and behaviour, integrating into their daily routines small actions in favour of environmental protection activities and the conservation of natural resources. [...]

The Children’s Municipal Council

This Council was created in order to stir children’s interest in participating in the life of the city and to contribute to their education as citizens. [...]


Bureau of Tranquillity

Through this service it is intended to solve citizens’ problems, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, such as: disputes between neighbours, vandalising of public spaces, badly parked cars, disturbances caused by noise, etc. [...]


The Council of Seniors

With this experience it is intended to stimulate the participation of people over 60 in city affairs. The Council organizes its thoughts and initiatives with associations mainly involved with seniors, the city council and experts in specific areas. [...]

The Violet Sol: An Ethical Currency

In 2011, the City Council of Toulouse approved to experiment with a local currency: the “Violet Sol”, which allows the exchange of euros for coupons against municipal or cooperative credit accounts. This currency can be used at shops or services associated to the initiative, fostering the local econ [...]


The Toulouse Council of Foreign Residents

It is an advisory council where foreign non-EU residents in Toulouse can express themselves in order to fight against all forms of discrimination and promote diversity, equality, dialogue and conviviality. [...]